How to Celebrate World Environmental Health Day

The world as we know it is changing more rapidly than ever before. In the last 18 months, Covid-19 has changed the way we live, the way we work and the way we view our environmental health.

The 26 September marks World Environmental Health Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the ongoing challenges we face across the globe, and encouraging households, communities, and entire countries to do their part in changing the future of our environmental health.

This could be as simple as walking to work, rather than driving, showing your support by displaying a poster, or by supporting charitable collaborations with businesses, such as our Global Warming collection.

The event, first popularised by the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) in 2011, focuses on a different theme each year. This year’s theme is ‘Prioritising Environmental Health for healthier communities in global recovery’.

With the world slowly emerging from the dark days of the pandemic, it’s never been more important to support the push towards a healthier environment.

How did World Environmental Day come about, and what can you do to take part?

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Background to World Environmental Health Day

Launched by the IFEH Council during their annual meeting in Indonesia in 2011, World Environmental Health Day falls on the 26 September every year.

An image of a woman holding a plant in her hands against other plants in the background

The IFEH is an organisation made up of national associations, representing environmental health professionals across the globe. Their goal is to distribute knowledge about environmental health and promote the ongoing partnership between counties to improve our environment.

Each year, World Environmental Health Day has a distinctive theme, which focuses on current events and concerns effecting the planet and environmental health. Previous years have seen themes such as ‘Children are our future, let’s protect their environment and health’, and more recently ‘Environmental health, a key public health intervention in disease pandemic prevention’.

The IFEH actively encourage governments, groups, and organisations to set up initiatives and events to celebrate and raise awareness of the day.

Why it’s important

It goes without saying that looking after the future of our planet is a hot topic everywhere right now. There’s no country, no organisation, no household that isn’t affected by the impact of our changing environment. World Environmental Health Day is vital in raising awareness, not only of the current state of our planet, but the pressing issues affecting our environmental health.

The theme this year moves from pandemic prevention to global recovery. The IFEH claim, “It is necessary to accept that there is an integral connection between the environment, health and the economy. It is therefore important to invest in healthy and green recovery, close to all communities, with the support of the Environmental Health workforce and with collaboration from the International Federation of Environmental Health.”

For fashion brands, sustainability plays a huge role in shaping the way we move forward as an industry and play an active role in contributing to a greener planet. 

At BoKA, we are committed to using an ethical supply chain, as well as organic textiles and eco-friendly packaging materials. We’re on a mission to break away from fast fashion and shocking levels of waste, giving you a premium service, quality product and none of the guilt you’d find elsewhere.

We even do our own little bit to celebrate World Environmental Health Day, through charitable partnerships and collections dedicated to raising awareness of our planet’s health and global warming.

But World Environmental Health Day extends far beyond just fashion. In May 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) released their “Manifesto for a healthy recovery from COVID-19”.

The manifesto highlighted that although the world has been devastated in many areas due to Covid, there is hope. The pandemic has highlighted fundamental inequalities in areas such as access to healthcare and medicine, but it has also opened the gateway for organisations to sit up and take note of how their own actions are impacting their customers, their community, and the environment.

World Environmental Health Day is the perfect opportunity to come together, united in our goal of protecting our planet, lowering greenhouse gasses and emissions and doing our bit to learn about how our individual and organisational actions effect those around us.

Things to do to celebrate and take part in World Environmental Health Day

There are so many different ways to get involved in World Environmental Health Day. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Take part in a sponsored challenge to raise vital funds for environmental charities, such as a sponsored walk or run.
  • Take part in a sustainability challenge for a day, a week or a month (or however long you’d prefer), actively trying to use only sustainable goods and buying from sustainable brands.
  • Learn about sustainability and the environment – attend talks, workshops or lectures and educate yourself on sustainable practises
  • Help others to understand the importance of sustainability and environmental health, particularly young children.
  • Set up and eco-friendly garden or space in your yard to grow plants, flowers or vegetables, place bird houses or hedgehog dens to help your local wildlife.
  • Discover local clean-up events, and help keep your local community clean and tidy.

At Boutique Kaotique, we are committed to bringing artists and non-profit organisations together through collaboration, and with every piece sold at BoKa, we share proceeds with both the artist and their charity of choice. This includes environmental health charities dedicated to combating global warming and defending our natural world.

You can read more about #BOKAGIVING here.



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